Our Story

Several years ago we tried to find a stylish, but reasonably priced box for a small watch collection. We thought this would be an easy task, but instead we faced a frustrating search, finding only cheaply made, outdated, or expensive options. 

This dilemma sparked a question that has turned into a passion - how can we create stylish and modern products for men, while maintaining a high level of quality, offered at a reasonable price.

Once we had our first product idea and a vision of how we'd bring that to life, we needed a name for the company. The name had to not only represent our brand, but the strength and determination that we see in men of every background, so we selected Dauntless.

We celebrate every man who doesn't give up, who pursues their goals regardless of what life may throw at them. And for those that want to take on this journey of life with a sensible style, we've got you covered.