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Just how did a watch storage solution spark the idea to launch a brand? Let's start with a quick intro, then rewind a few years to provide some context to the problem that started it all (hint if you want to skip ahead - there were no watch boxes on the market that brought together aesthetics, function, and quality at a reasonable price).

First of all, my name is Taylor and I'm the founder of Dauntless Designs - it's nice to meet you! I'm an ordinary guy who, up until 2018, just kind of blended into the background of whatever setting I was in. As most of us are aware, life has a funny way of hitting us with challenges that require us to take a step back. That was one of those years that caused me to take a step back to ask who I really wanted to be. As it turns out, the answer to that question was that I wanted to discover and become the best version of myself.

Watch Storage Container For Men

While there were several areas of self discovery and improvement that I began focusing on, one in particular ended up influencing my decision to create a men's watch box. I wanted to develop a better sense of style because how we dress is one of the strongest ways we communicate with the world around us.

I began to develop a love for watches and enjoyed how they were a simple way to make a statement with an outfit. Soon one watch became three, then seven, and before I knew it, I had 10 watches. The natural next step was to jump online to see where I could buy watch boxes for men.

Buy Cheap Watch Boxes

The problem was that on the low end of the market there were fake leather watch boxes that looked cheap and on the luxury side of the market, I couldn't afford the available watch storage solutions. The search was frustrating because not only did I want a watch box to store my watches in, but I wanted something that would look good on my dresser as a watch display case. Eventually, the conclusion was clear - it was time to make my own watch box.

Like anyone reading this article I have strengths and talents - unfortunately for me in this instance, art/design is not one of them. I can spot what looks good and I can even create concepts in my head - but lack the ability to bring them to life on a piece of paper (or digitally). Over the course of 6-months, I had the opportunity to partner with several very talented and generous people who were able to help pull what was out of my head and turn it into an actual product. The culmination? The Sorrento - a wooden watch box for men that will help your watches look almost as good when stored, as they do on your wrist.



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